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The Weekly Upchuck April 14, 2014

  Abortion And Women’s Issues Klink-Klunk-Spews: GOP candidate Klingenschmitt  Reveals That Life Actually Begins Before Conception. I’m sorry but does it get stupider?   Creationism We Have A Friend in Ken-Chuck: Creationists Hate This Catholic God’s Quid Pro Quo-Chuck?  Disabled Children Represent God’s ‘Vengeance’ For Abortion Look Over there-Chuck: Heartland Institute’s Smoke And Mirrors Attempt To Debunk Consensus Science Hamheads …

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The Weekly Upchuck April 7, 2014

Abortion And Women’s Issues Buckeye-Chuckeye: Sad to say my state (Ohio) Is Quietly Becoming One Of The Worst For Women’s Health They’ve Come For Your Uterus Chucklette: Docs at CA Medical Center no longer allowed to prescribe birth control Christer Spew: Ginni Thomas & Lila Rose discuss “tyrant” Obama, how secular gov’t leads to human rights abuses Male Headship Doo-Doo: …

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The Weekly Upchuck March 31, 2014

Abortion And Women’s Issues Miscarriage Of Justice-Chuck: Kansas May Force Doctors To Report Women’s Miscarriages To The State Health Department Hardly Peanuts-Chuck: Gotta love Jimmy Carter on Colbert: The Bible is misused to subjugate women Rhythm & Blues-Hurl:  Alaskan State Senator: ‘Birth Control Is For People Who Don’t Act Responsibly. What’s The Matter With Kansas-Chuck? A Federal Appeals Court Just …

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The Weekly Upchuck March 23,2014

Abortion And Womens’ Issues From The Top-Chuck: National Religious Leaders Affirm Access to Birth Control in Advance of SCOTUS Hearing Coalition Rising -Chuck: The good Christian Ralph Reed: Making divorce harder for women is a “better solution” ’ than food stamps Now It’s Time To Worry-Chuck: There is a strong likelihood that SCOTUS will say contraception mandate violates religious freedom. …

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Your Weekly Upchucks March 17, 2014

Abortion And Women’s Issues ‘Scarlet Ledger-Chuck?‘ Sorry, But a Plan B Database Won’t Keep People From Having Language Soup-Chuck: 20 Wk Abortion  Cutoff Bill passes WV His Will-Chuck: “Procedures Involving Gravely Immoral Practices” What the religious right really thinks of birth control. Buh-Bye-Chuck: Connecticut High School Blocks Anti-Choice Student Group From Handing Out Information & Righties Go …

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Your Weekly Upchuck March 9, 2014

Abortion and Birth Control • RSVP-Chuck: Bonkers Iowa Bill Would Allow Women to Sue Abortion Providers for “Abortion Regret” • Dander’s Up-Chuck:The Birth Control Case That Infuriated the Religious Right • Back Alley Hurl: Texas shut down two clinics in McAllen and Beaumont, the closest clinic now 150 miles away from these areas. Texas currently has only 19 …

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Lizz Winstead and K.C.!

Want to learn more about Being Christian? Check out K.C.’s interview with Lizz Winstead on Blog Talk Radio. Hear it here!

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We’re Done With Your Phony War On Christmas

We’re Mad As Hell And We’re Not Going To Take It Anymore! There is not, nor has there ever been a war on Christmas or Christians in this country This Fundamentalist Christians’ propagandistic fund-raiser rolls around every December, spearheaded by the likes of Bill O’Reilly and Sarah Palin, echoed and hyped by Fox and RW talk radio. Christians are the …

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Upchucks in Action: The Most Shocking News of the Last Week

Abortion Back Alley Blues-Chuck: The Abortion Clinics That Managed to Stay Open in Texas Are Swamped Despica-Chuck:.After Lawmaker Discloses Own Sexual Assault, Michigan Approves ‘Rape Insurance’ Bill Anyway Radical-Hurl: Michigan Legislature approves controversial abortion insurance bill prohibiting insurers from paying for abortions unless a woman has already purchased coverage through a separate rider. Creationism Ham’s Nazi Secularist-Chuck? …

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The Weekly Upchuck: The Place Where Religion Meets Your Rights

Abortion   5-4-Heartbreak: Breaking: SCOTUS allowing TX  to continue enforcing abortion restrictions that have led to more than 1/3 of  clinics stopping abortions. Purple Is The New Blue-Chuck? Voter rejection of late-term abortion ban in New Mexico, a reliably purple state, spells trouble for the GOP. Beyond Loony, Beyond Hate – Simply Insane!   Jesus Rapes-Chuck? Man charged …

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